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Xevo ExperienceManager for Cruise

Xevo ExperienceManager

Xevo ExperienceManager is an industry-leading IoT data platform for creating next-generation user experiences. Xevo ExperienceManager is hosted in the cloud, generating incredible amounts of business intelligence that can be used to create new revenue and increase user engagement.

Xevo ExperienceManager platform solutions are adaptable to a variety of customer-driven industries. With all deployments, such as cruise technology integration, Xevo ExperienceManager generates data from cruise management software to personalize user content and preferences, and can be customized to fit each brand.

IoT data platform

Create New Business Opportunities

Gather valuable user intelligence and create new engagement opportunities to boost ROI and increase user engagement.

IoT data platform

Customize Service Integration

ExperienceManager has an open software ecosystem. Its open HTML5 architecture supports customization and integration into services you leverage today, as well as new ones you will use tomorrow.

IoT data platform

Update Content Remotely or Locally

Update content remotely or locally at incredible speeds and provide the most responsive user experiences.

IoT data platform

Personalize Experiences

Take full control over your brand and how your customers are targeted, utilizing content created within and outside of Xevo ExperienceManager to personalize experiences with content, names and more.

IoT data platform

Ease of Use

Deliver content like videos and apps to your customers with intuitive interfaces and non-technical management tools.

Xevo in-room entertainment

In-Room Entertainment

Connect with and entertain your guests with targeted messages, personalized video content, app access, and more.

Xevo connectivity

Mobile Access

Guests’ experiences can be accessed from smartphones and tablets, so the content they want is always within reach.

Xevo digital signage

Digital Signage

With powerful editing and customization capabilities, easily deliver and manage your message on one screen or across your entire digital signage network.

Learn more about how Princess Cruises is utilizing ExperienceManager.

Business Intelligence


  • Big Data Capture
  • Meaningful Analytics
  • Dashboard Views
  • Easy Data Export



  • Brand Customizations
  • Service Integrations
  • Personalization
  • Unique Experience

Connectivity Support


  • Remote Management
  • Second Screen
  • Targeted Offers
  • Content Sharing

Device Independent


  • Supports Every Screen:
  • Samsung & LG SmartTV
  • WebKit Set Back Boxes
  • Mobile Devices

Visual Editor


  • Easy to Use
  • Drag and Drop Tools
  • Live Previews
  • Simple Workflows



  • Content Tagging
  • Powerful Search Filters
  • Endpoint Grouping
  • Easy Content Scheduling



  • Cloud-Based
  • Runs in a Browser
  • PC or Mobile

Open Platform


  • Open Web Standards
  • App Development SDK
  • Easy to Customize
  • No Vendor Lock In
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