Xevo Journeyware automotive data

Journeyware™ Platform

Turn-Key Data Management for the Connected Car

Xevo Journeyware is the future of the connected car experience. It is the only highly-scalable cloud-based data management software solution and connected car platform available, with benefits for both OEMs and consumers. Journeyware’s groundbreaking connected car platform offers data ingestion, analysis, and recommendations, providing automobile manufacturers with valuable data insights and new business opportunities. The automotive data solution also delivers the customization consumers demand from their connected cars by easily integrating their digital lives into their vehicles.

Journeyware collects information about drivers’ preferences and habits, and the connected car platform’s advanced analytics reveal new ways for OEMs to monetize that data. We also made it easy for application developers to create and release new connected car apps, so consumers have the most current offerings at their fingertips.

Xevo’s Journeyware suite marks a major step forward in the connected car technology market, changing the way people think about and connect to their cars, and how OEMs analyze and act on consumer and vehicle usage data. Journeyware’s in-car connectivity gives OEMs a competitive edge, and is the perfect foundation to build upon as they shape the future of the automotive UX.

Competitive Advantage

Journeyware gives OEMs innovative software solutions and services that put them at the forefront of the connected car market.

Maximize Value

Hyperscale computing analysis uncovers the most valuable monetization opportunities available in OEMs’ consumer data.

Brand Loyalty

Journeyware personalizes driving experiences, cementing brand loyalty and increasing long-term profitability.

``We are pleased with our partnership with Xevo. Developing systems as advanced as Entune® App Suite and Enform® App Suite require harnessing the expertise of an experienced partner. Collaborating with Xevo, Toyota is able to offer drivers an enhanced in-vehicle experience, while providing vehicles with a competitive advantage.``

– Toyota’s Vice President of Connected Vehicle Technology & Planning, Sandy Lobenstein

``We are proud to work with Xevo to power Toyota Link®. Their experience, forward thinking and cross-platform development strategy continues to match our overall goal of safely enhancing the driving experience of all Toyota customers. Xevo’s end-to-end suite of automotive products do just that: safely connect drivers and their cars to mobile applications and services.``

– Toyota Australia’s Manager of Connected Mobility and ITS, Neal Daniel

Connected Car Solutions

The Journeyware Suite


App management, data analysis, and insights in one easy-to-use solution.


Take personalized in-car offerings to the next level.


Strategically leverage mobile devices and mobile applications.

Check out the future of the driving experience with Xevo’s connected car solutions.