Xevo SmartDeviceLink

Unique Experience for Connected Cars

Xevo is a Tier 1 manufacturer supplier to automakers and a leading supporter of SmartDeviceLink (SDL), the open source platform adopted by leading automakers and developers to extend mobile applications to the head unit.

SDL support

“The true benefit of a common smartphone app communications interface is that it creates an industry standard – enabling great experiences for customers while allowing different companies the freedom to differentiate their individual brands”

— Don Butler, Ford executive director

Xevo automotive

For Automakers

All in One Solution

Xevo’s turnkey SDL solution has everything you need for SDL support, including head unit software, template creation, and application certification.

Reduce Development Cycles

Using SDL services with the Xevo Automotive platform helps reduce development cycles with one connected car platform for all in-vehicle experiences, from deeply integrated diagnostics apps to the most popular mobile apps across infotainment.

Xevo Certification

Xevo certification of SDL apps ensures that applications meet OEM specifications.


For Developers

SDL Emulator

Develop faster with Xevo’s targeted SDL emulator, which integrates authorized automaker templates.

Integration Allows More Control

SDL is the preferred approach to integrating mobile apps with head units because it gives automakers and app developers better control over the user experience, which improves usability, branding, and safety.

Fast Development and Certification

App developers using Xevo’s SDL emulator and templates will only need a few weeks to have an SDL app ready for fast, free certification.

Learn why SDL and open-source computing is so critical in a blog post from Koji Hosaka, President of Xevo Japan & GM of Automotive.